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Mariners Moose Tracks, 8/20/23: Julio Rodríguez, Harry Ford, Luis Urías, and Julio Rodríguez

It’s Sunday, and if it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Links

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Julio Rodriguez. That’s it. That’s the whole foreword.

In Mariners news...

  • Julio Rodriguez is the first player in MLB history to ever record 17 hits in four games. He is the second player in MLB history to have four straight 4-hit games. All of this has been the joy of a lifetime to witness, and it has also led to some great posting. For context on Julio’s incredible accomplishment:
    -AJ Pollock has 22 hits this season.
    -Max Muncy has 18 hits since the All-Star Break.
    -The New York Yankees, like the whole team, have 17 hits in the same 4-game span. Julio has comprehensively outperformed the entire New York Yankees lineup. I can’t recall ever seeing anything like that before. I keep thinking about it and I still don’t feel like I’m fully grasping how outrageous it is.
  • But wait, thanks to Sarah Langs, we can keep adding qualifiers that make this stretch even crazier.
  • What? Did you really think I was done posting about Julio? Are you really so naïve?
  • The Seattle Mariners now own the tiebreaker against both of the teams they are jostling for playoff position with (Toronto and Houston). September is going to be a dogfight.
  • Y’all want to see the second coolest thing Harry Ford did last night?
  • Y’all want to see the coolest thing Harry Ford did last night?

Around the league...

  • Remember last year when we all had fun marveling at how smoothly Trea Turner slid through home and how we all collectively realized that the only reason he could do that was because of how fast he was? Elly could do that if he ever slid feet first.
  • Could you imagine what Nick Castellanos would be capable of if there were MLB games played between February 23 and March 6? We’d NEVER forget the Alamo.
  • Two grand slams in two pitches is absolutely wild.
  • This what a Luis Urías grand slam can do to somebody. It can happen anybody. It can happen to you. Keep that head on a swivel.
  • Seeing the Diamondbacks social team embrace Paul Sewald memes makes me so happy. I feel comfortable knowing he’s getting love in his new home, even though I still miss him.
  • Toronto Blue Jays deadline acquisition Paul DeJong has been DFA’d. DeJong was acquired within hours of Bo Bichette suffering a leg injury, but DeJong’s .068/.068/.068 line as a Blue Jay did remarkably little to secure him a job upon Bichette’s return.

Nick’s pick...

  • Everybody here did an incredible job. Captured the spirit perfectly. I was all set to hand first prize to the person who went all out with the big, curly wig, until they were immediately upstaged by someone hitting it so hard they fell over on the field. That level of commitment must be rewarded, so congratulations to you, person who fell over doing the Elaine dance at the Brooklyn Cyclones Seinfeld Night, you are a winner in the eyes of all of Lookout Landing!