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Mariners Game #120 Preview: SEA at KCR

The three-quarter mark

Julio Rodriguez and Bobby Witt Jr. bump fists at the 2021 Futures Game
The ghosts of Christmas Futures Game
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Please, sir. My bullpen. It is so tired. The Mariners have gone to extras in three of the last four games, which isn’t ideal considering that they are still at the beginning of 13 games in a row without an off day. Hell, even George Kirby spinning nine innings could stem the tide, but the last two games have been particularly rough: Logan had a clunker and got pulled in the fifth while Emerson Hancock, still new to MLB, didn’t get into the sixth either. All told, we’re looking at the following pitch counts for the most important arms over the past three days, with multiple guys doing up-downs in their appearances:

  • Munoz 58
  • Topa 50 (all three games)
  • Brash 40
  • Saucedo 28

This is one of the underappreciated downsides to losing one of your top relievers. It’s not just that you have to win without him; it’s that all of your other arms become more heavily taxed, and consequently, usually worse.

What I’m saying is that La Piedra is going to have to be a rock tonight.


I love how the Mariners picked their Royals killer and the Royals picked their Mariners killer and that they’re in essentially the same pose. Kismet, baby.
Mariners and Royals Twitter

These past two series have been pretty exhausting, but I’ve really enjoyed getting to see Julio match up with Adley and now Witt. The trio came into last year as the best prospects in the game, more 1A, 1B, 1C than 1, 2, 3, and they all delivered. I like the symmetry that they’re all in the American League, and one at each of the three most important defensive positions. I think it’d be neat if they all continued to be a part of each other’s narratives throughout their careers. Just as long as Julio keeps coming up on top.

The other big threat in KC’s lineup is of course Salvador Perez, who is not having a great year but continues to be the Royals’ designated Mariners killer. Over the past three years, he’s got a 169 wRC+ against Seattle compared to 109 against everyone else. Dang.

Game Info

First Pitch: 5:10 PT
TV: ROOT Sports (double-play-by-play, Sims and Goldy)
Radio: 710 am and mariners dot com (Rizzs and Gary)

In Case You Missed It

Tom Murphy has hit the IL and Brian O’Keefe is back up in his place. John’s got the deets.

Today In Mariners History

  • Slim pickings, so let’s go with 2022: Robbie Ray strikes out 10 Angels and Julio goes 3 for 5 with a ninth-inning home run as the Mariners win in Anaheim 8-2.

Pregame Discussion Poll


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(I know that’s not the exact quote, but he clearly misspoke and I cleaned it up.)