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2023 MLB Draft Day One Open Thread

With the picks they have, the Mariners could have a franchise-altering draft in 2023, and it starts today

Seattle Mariners Draft Day Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

It’s here! The MLB Draft starts today in about [checks watch] 20 minutes. The Mariners have a boatload of picks on Day 1, as we’ve covered extensively leading up to the draft. We’ll have writeups on each of the three (!) first-round choices the Mariners will make today, but here’s a spot just to talk general draft stuff while we’re getting all that together.

As a reminder, you can watch the Draft on MLB Network if you’re not attending in-person. The Mariners will have the 22nd pick, as well as the 29th and 30th picks, so make sure you’re tuned in at least 20 minutes after the draft starts and well-prepared with your drinks, snacks, bathroom breaks, etc, because those picks will come pretty close together.

If you want to do some last-minute cramming before the draft starts, make sure to check out our various draft writeups here. (And by us I mean Max, who will be in attendance at the draft today, so shoot him a follow on Twitter—@EllingsenMax18—for the latest.

Happy Draft Day!