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Mariners Moose Tracks, 7/24/23: Chris Flexen, Corey Seager, Hall of Fame inductions

Some Monday links to help you get your week started right

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Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It’s me, hi, I’m the links-maker, it’s me. Sorry, but my brain is full of T-Swift because she was playing literally everywhere over the past two days. In the stadium, on the water taxi headed home, on boom boxes lashed to pedicabs transporting Swifties to Lumen Field where the actual concert was, I heard more Taylor Swift this past weekend then I’ve heard in my entire life up to this point, and I streamed Folklore when the pandemic was happening and there was literally nothing else to do. But the Swifties and the Blue Jays fans have both departed our fair city, leaving just the echo of these links behind.

In Mariners news:

  • What word does Luis Castillo use to describe Julio Rodríguez? “Un androide,” an android. I like J-Rod Show but El Androide is a pretty awesome nickname.
  • In case you missed the exact details on the time Jarred Kelenic will be on the shelf, it’s as expected for a foot fracture: 4-6 weeks. He won’t be back until early September, best-case scenario.
  • Former Mariner update: Chris Flexen pitched five scoreless innings for the Rockies’ Triple-A affiliate in Sugar Land, which if you know anything about the PCL, is some pretty impressive stuff. It also might help set Flex up for a big-league comeback, which we’re all rooting for:

Around the league:

Kate’s pick:

Please take a minute to read this column from the former Indy-based Athletic reporter Bob Kravitz, who really spills the tea about what working at The Athletic was like, and if you have any friends who are interested in Indy-based sports, please send them the link and encourage them to subscribe. Or if you want to gift a sub in memory of our beloved colleague Tim Cantu—Indy is just a couple hours from Tim’s alma mater of Notre Dame, well, that’d be great as well. After all, someone has to keep tabs on Notre Dame great/Red Sox prospect/Mike Ford cosplayer Niko Kavadas down here for Tim.