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Draft Day 1 Roundup with Ben Thoen - Did The Mariners Add A Superstar? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

With the first two rounds of the 2023 MLB Draft in the book, John Trupin and Kate Preusser are joined by staff writer Ben Thoen to analyze the fresh picked prospects for Meet at the Mitt episode 32. Where will the new guys rank in the Mariners top 10? Is Emerson a reach at pick 22, or is he the second coming of Cole Young? Where will the new prospects be playing the remainder of this season? Is Ben Williamson a legit prospect or a money saving pick? How does the remaining talent line up for Seattle in day 2? We provide the red hot draft analysis you crave. Shout out to our sponsor MacDougall bats! Use the code “GOMS” at checkout for a discount!

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Editors Note: I am using a new silence removal tool on the podcast (just the last 2 episodes) and am still finding the right calibration for it. If it sounds a little jumpy in spots, that’s why. Nothing is missing in terms of audio, it’s just skipping elongated pauses (greater than half a second, specifically). If people don’t like it, I won’t use it in the future, but hopefully I will get it dialed in a little more naturally.