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Mariners Moose Tracks, 7/10/23: Tai Peete, Luis Castillo, Women in Sports

Happy Derby Day to you!

Baseball: Little League World Series-Mid-Atlantic Region vs Southeast Region
Tiny Tai!
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a jam-packed day of baseball for this writer and today is shaping up to be no different, even without the Mariners in action today. If you were caught up in draft frenzy or just out of office in general yesterday, catch up with the recap for the series win against Houston here, because we just can’t say it enough: first four-game series win against Houston, in Houston, since 2018.

As a reminder, tonight is the Home Run Derby. Jacob will have a piece dropping later today with all the pertinent info about the matchups and how to watch, so make sure to check that out in between trimming your Derby hat.

As the Mariners head into the All-Star Break, we stay busy with All-Star week content and the draft, which continues today. If you missed the writeups from yesterday’s draft haul you can catch up here. I have an early favorite and it is Tai Peete, who was in the Little League World Series in 2018. Look at this cute picture of Tiny Tai I found in the photo editor when I searched his name:

Baseball: Little League World Series-Mid-Atlantic Region vs Southeast Region Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Peete’s mom, Yuki Braxton, is herself a Little Leaguer: born in Canada, she moved to Austria in the 1990s and played for the national team there. Fun fact: that means Peete has WBC eligibility for both Canada and Austria.

In other Mariners news:

  • This is shameless sponcon for Corona, but it’s also Luis Castillo and The Kid Mero hanging out playing pool and taking turns being a little scared of the Space Needle so it’s still worth your time:
  • Well done, Seattle.

Around the League: