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I don’t mean to alarm you, but the Mariners lost this game 15-4

Apathy flats.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners
This is unfair to J.P., who did his damndest.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

This is the sort of game that folks remember.

Not always in the specifics, like that Bryce Miller was actually pitching fairly well before a “pretty significant” blister, to hear Scott Servais tell it, shut down his evening in the 4th. None of the M’s bullpen, called on multiple innings ahead of schedule, were able to answer the bell. Three walks to two strikeouts, and some uncharacteristically hittable pitches from Andrés Muñoz combined with lousy BABIP luck spiraled into a laugher, like the sort of laugh an 80’s movie star would let out after being punched in the ribs.

Likely not that for just the second game all season, Cy Young contender Shane McClanahan allowed four runs in a start. It was yielded to a patient M’s offense that got a boost over the fence by Tom Murphy once again.

But 15-4, immediately on the heels of a players-only meeting, and the club being booed with prurience as the fans could not count on the club to at least lose with pace and dignity to accelerate the beginning of the fireworks show afterwards. That is something that sticks in the craw, again a disservice to the hard-running efforts by J.P. Crawford to maintain a stoic and steady quality approach as the club around him takes turns floundering.

A catastrophe in the 8th was utterly astonishing in its scope, but offered the level of home drubbing the club had avoided so far this season. Mike Ford pitching once again, an appropriate capper to a game that began on a marvelous pace, instead leading to an embarrassing finale that, per Kate and other beat writers on the scene, only featured Miller and Servais addressing the media postgame. There have been worse Seattle Mariners teams, and ones that missed both their projections and expectations by more, but right now this club looks just as grim as they are to watch.