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Battle of the B-Rys: Bryce Miller or Bryan Woo? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Zach Mason, Anders Jorstad and Evan James are here for the Meet at the Mitt episode 27 on June 25th. Anders and Zach break down their experience from the Mariners/Orioles contest yesterday where the team belted 4 home runs but ultimately fell 6-4 in extra innings. Despite the loss, the team’s offense has been on something of an upswing lately, can the run scoring continue? Is Camden Yards all it’s made out to be? We make ample time to praise Julio and his glorious return to the Home Run Derby at T Mobile Park. Lastly Anders and Evan each have a prospect of the week as the Minor League season reaches the halfway point and promotions are on the horizon. A Shout out to our sponsor MacDougall bats! Use the code “GOMS” at checkout for a discount!