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Mariners Moose Tracks, 6/20/23: Joey Votto, Anthony Rendon, and Austin Shenton

The Seattle Mariners play baseball again today

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

A happy Tuesday to y’all. This is Eric filling in for Becca for today’s links. We are one day away from the summer solstice AKA the longest day of the year and there is some warmer weather predicted ahead later this week in the Seattle area (hopefully), so it’s time to fully accept the summer into our lives. To the links!

In Mariners news:

  • Seattle Sports dot com writer Joe Fann is making a career change. Best of luck, Joe! We at LL appreciated your views on the Mariners whenever you covered them:
  • Friendly reminder that if you are in the Seattle are next Saturday, you simply must come watch the Mariners play the Orioles with all of your goofy LL buddies at Growler Guys on Lake City Way. It’s a good ol’ time and you can be as social or not social as you wanna be, but sometimes it’s just fulfilling to watch this dumb team with folks on similar wavelengths as you. Hope to see ya there!

Around the league:

  • From the deeply unserious outlet The Athletic ($), here is something worth reading:

Also...damn, Joey, okay!!!!

  • Naturally, Votto hit a home run in his first game back:
  • What is the sound of one hand clapping?
  • Including this because it is deeply funny and/or sad, your mileage may vary:
  • Former Mariners prospect Austin Shenton is playing well in double A and I’m happy to see the Bellingham lad doing well:

Eric’s pick:

  • I read this a few weeks back and I still can’t stop thinking about it. An absolute must-read for anyone who who watched LOST.
  • Die young or live long enough to become Coach McGuirk: