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Game #32 Preview, 5/5/23: Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners

City Connect coming City Correct

Houston Astros v. Seattle Mariners
let’s connect city-ly
Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The baseball season is long and sometimes demands its bread and circuses, especially when things are going badly for the hometown nine. Tonight the Mariners debut their City Connect jerseys on the field, which is exciting if you’re into that sort of thing. I am not a Uniform Person but I’m happy for everyone who is, and likes these. It’s a gray gross day in Seattle and the Astros are in town, which is a real tried-and-true recipe for an unpleasant Friday night, but at least we’ll have something new to look at while facing the Astros on a Friday night. If you’re going to the game tonight, I suggest you take the bread part of bread and circuses literally and get yourself an Ivar’s chowder breadbowl for the ideal comfort/filling pairing on a chilly, damp evening.

Tonight’s lineups:

Mariners Baseball Information

This is not the powerful Astros lineup of years past. Mauricio Dubón takes the place of injured José Altuve, and I’m still in the process of learning to tell the non-Tucker/Álvarez outfielders apart. Chas McCormick is out tonight after missing time with a back injury, although he should be back at some point this series. Cristian Javier gets the start tonight and while he’s not striking out as many batters as he was last year, I am still traumatized by the number of times the Mariners hitters struck out during that Toronto series. The Mariners are going with their lefty-heavy lineup against Javier, but frankly I’d like to see either J.P. at the top or Jarred in the two-hole. Better go complain about the lineup to Divish.

Tonight’s game info:

Tonight’s game starts at 7:10 PT, and since there’s no Kraken game, you can find it on ROOT Sports NW. Mike Blowers makes his return to the broadcast team and will be on-air with Aaron Goldsmith, while Dave Sims and Rick Rizzs will hold down the radio side on 710 AM Seattle Sports.

Today in Mariners history:

2012: We always hear about no-hitters, but what about one-hitters? Kyle Seager went 2-for-4 with 4 RBI and Felix Hernandez allowed 1 hit over 8.0 shutout innings as the Mariners defeated the Twins 7-0. Steve Delabar added a perfect 9th inning for the 3rd combined one-hitter in club history.

2021: (Also though today two years ago John Means of the Orioles no-hit the Mariners. What’s old is new again, etc etc.)