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Mariners Moose Tracks 5/29/23: Jonatan Clase, Spencer Strider, Liam Hendriks

Tucker the bat dog, Saucedo gets Saucy, Spancer Strider is AI maybe?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves
[mom voice] but why would you cover up your handsome face like that?
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A good Memorial Day morning to you. If you have the day off, thanks for taking time out of your vacation to read these links from your picnic table/pool floatie/lakefront cabin/warm bed/wherever you might be. If you are working today, an even heartier thank you, because if you’re working today there’s a good chance you either work as a first responder/in healthcare or in the service sector or similar helping other people enjoy their day off, so a big ol’ cheers to you.

In Mariners news:

  • Last Sunday, Jonatan Clase had a two-homer game, his first at the Double-A level. The Sunday before that, Mother’s Day, he hit his first-ever walkoff, dedicating it to his mom. Yesterday, Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, he hit another home run, dedicating that one to his mom, as well. Call the kid from Santo Domingo “Mr. Domingo” because he loves hitting on Sundays.

In local baseball news:

The high school baseball season in Washington wrapped up this weekend with tournament play. Congratulations to all the winners of their respective championships!

  • 4A: Eastlake HS
  • 3A: Lincoln HS (Seattle)
  • 2A: Tumwater HS
  • 1A: Kiahowya HS
  • 2B: Tri-Cities Prep
  • 1B: Naselle HS

And a special congrats to Lincoln High, whose mascot should be a phoenix:

Around the league:

  • Dear Yankees, please keep this same energy for your trip to T-Mobile Park:
  • That “I accidentally unmuted myself on the Zoom call moment”:
  • Congratulations to Spencer Strider, the first pitcher in MLB this season to 100 strikeouts. I continue to be grateful the Mariners missed Strider when they went through Atlanta. Just give him the Cy now.
  • Grab a tissue before you watch this.

Kate’s pick:

I activated a TikTok account just so I could watch every video in Taryn Delanie Smith’s series about Denise, heaven’s receptionist, on my phone when I am trying to fall asleep but instead having anxiety attacks about [waves hands in general direction of world]. This one, featuring Tammy the vengeful angel and her desire to haunt people “downstairs”, is a funny one, but she also takes special requests from people who have lost someone, if you have the emotional space for that. Also, what would you want your ghost outfit to be?


Like i get you want vengence on the new home owners but why would you want to wear that forever #ghostfit #ootd #ghosts

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