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24-24: Chart

The pitching dueled, J.P. flexed the power tool, and the interfering fan looked like a fool.

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Deserving of a warm welcome at home: Marco Gonzales, a quality start of six innings, only two earned runs on five hits, four strikeouts, and only one walk.

Deserving of exile from anything close the the PNW: The bucket hat fan down the right field line, who not only drew the fan interference call, but doubled down on the buffoonery afterward.

Baseball Savant

King of the castle: J.P. Crawford, .274 WPA

Locked themselves out and dropped their keys down a sewer drain: Cal Raleigh, -0.106 WPA

Game thread comment(s) of the day:

Of course all of the well wishes go out to Mike Blowers, but the more Queen Angie on the broadcast the better.

Please be okay/get well soon, Ty. The Mariners will need you against Te as.

Baseball can be nuts. Hence, squirrel.