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Mariners Moose Tracks, 5/21/23: J.P. Crawford, Aaron Hicks, and Jesse Winker

It’s Sunday, and it it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Links

Seattle Mariners v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

In Mariners news...

  • Congratulations to J.P. Crawford on his 500th career hit! It was a crucial one!
  • think a lot of us were do for a reminder of just how filthy Matt Brash can be.
  • The newest All-Star patch hat has arrived and it’s a twist on the Turn Ahead the Clock hats! Get yours while supplies last.

Around the league...

  • So far as I can tell, you could ask fifty Yankees fans what they think of Aaron Hicks and you would get fifty different responses. When faced with a legacy as complicated as his, I think of what Pete Weber once said, “love me or hate me, you watched.”
  • Speaking of the New York Yankees, catcher Ben Rortvedt was part of the trade return in the Gary Sanchez and Gio Urshela trade to the Twins. Following the trade, Rortvedt was assigned to Triple-A, and within a month he went on the IL for an extended period of time. In response to his absence, some Yankees fans started a rather amusing bit where they pretended that Ben Rortvedt simply did not exist. Well, imagine their surprise when Rortvedt was recalled on May 18th and made his Yankees debut yesterday, going 2-4 with a double, after which, he seemingly acknowledged the claims about his existence.
  • A rare instance where I respect the choices of both parties in an ejection. Winker disagrees with the call and says something he surely knows will not be received well. The home plate umpire, Adam Hamari, appears not to hear Winker, ostensibly giving Winker a chance to change his attitude. Instead Winker, unabashed, doubles down and is promptly sent to the clubhouse early in one of the more blasé ejections I can recall.
  • Mariners legend Ken Giles and the Los Angeles Dodgers are in agreement on a minor league deal.

Nick’s pick...

  • Babe wake up! New Summoning Salt video!!