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Okay Now It’s Miller Time - Is Bryce Ready To Dominate? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

(AP/Abbie Parr)

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

John Trupin, Kate Preusser and Evan James are here for the Meet at the Mitt episode 12! The Mariners stole a game on Sunday to stay afloat at 12-16 as they roll into Oakland behind the rookie arm of Bryce Miller. The offense has been in a deep funk but are looking to get right against the underbelly of the league in May. Where are the bright spots? Will Teoscar ever take another walk? What’s eating Julio? We have all the pressing answers. What are you most excited to see from the team in May? Are you hyped for Bryce Miller? Awaiting the heating up of Julio’s bat? Anticipating power from Ty France? Let us know in the comments. Shout out to our sponsor MacDougall bats! Use the code “GOMS” at checkout for a discount!