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The Legend of Lookout Landing - Will A Timeless Hero Rise In Seattle? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

SAIKOSean on Twitter via Nintendo

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Zach Mason and Evan James are joined by staff writer Grant Bronsdon are here for Meet at the Mitt episode 15 on Friday May 12th. First things first, Lookout Landing has been immortalized in Legend of Zelda cannon. Is this a direct reference to your favorite baseball blog, to the T Mobile Park/Safeco Field section or just a beautiful piece of serendipity? Whatever the case, it is quite specifically a legendary achievement. Anyways, the Mariners! First up Zach is here to dig deep on his Julio article from earlier this week and see what’s eating our brightest young star. Next up, a look at the ZIPS projections and how they have changed for the Mariners. What changes do we buy? Who still needs improvement? Grant offers some deep insights on the challenges of importing offensive talent to T Mobile Park and how it can skew our evaluations of individual players’ struggles when they become magnified by the wider ineffectiveness of the team offensively. Grant and Zach rave about the outstanding debut starts from Bryce Miller and Evan fondly looks back at the wild success of the Mariners rookie pitchers over the last three seasons. Everyone is excited by the early returns from Juan Then and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Prelander Berroa (flowers for noted savant Anders Jorstad on his sterling Mariners predictions). As always, the Jarred MVP watch continues as we pass the quarter pole for the season and discussion about Kelenic in the Seattle All Star Game begins. Shout out to our sponsor MacDougall bats! Use the code “GOMS” at checkout for a discount!