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Mariners Moose Tracks: 4/9/23: Andrés Muñoz, Andrew McCutchen, and Ben Joyce

It’s Sunday, and if it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Links

Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

In Mariners news...

  • Nice.
  • The newest All-Star Patch hat hit the shelves at the T-Mobile Park Team Store yesterday morning. Get yours while supplies last!

Around the league...

  • Nolan Arenado hit his 300th career homerun to left field at Miller Park yesterday! Arenado is now the eighth active player with 300 homeruns.
  • Sticking with counting stats, Clayton Kershaw started his 400th game for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday night, becoming just the 34th pitcher in league history to start at least 400 games for the same team. Also featuring a little Felix Hernández Easter egg!
  • McCutchen hitting homeruns in a Pirates jersey. Nature has healed. All is right in the world.
  • Bizarre play in the yesterday’s Padres vs. Braves game. Ground ball is fielded at first and the throw goes home to catch Rougned Odor trying to score. Odor crashes into Travis D’Arnaud at the plate who loses the ball, but in the collision Odor fails to touch home. Odor goes back to touch the plate but not before Ha-Seong Kim comes around from second to score as well. Since Kim technically passed Odor on the basepath, Odor’s run doesn’t count, and I guess one could theoretically mark this down as a TOOTBLAN if they were so inclined.
  • Take a look inside Ronnie Gajownik’s first win as the manager of the Hillsboro Hops!
  • Do you want to know the terrifying truth? Or do you wanna see ballplayers sock a few dingers?
  • Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Hideki Matsui’s legendary Yankees debut!
  • ALERT: Ghost Fork glove!
  • It’s good to be reminded once in a while just how difficult hitting a baseball is.
  • So we’ve been reminded how difficult it is to hit a baseball. But what if I told you that you can win a game without getting a single hit? Well that’s what happened in yesterday’s Chatanooga Lookouts vs. Rocket City Trash Pandas game. Looking to close out a no-hitter, the Trash Pandas put in fireballer Ben Joyce in the top of the seventh to get three outs to hold a three-run lead. Instead...

Now I’m not an expert, but my assessment is that’s not what the Trash Pandas wanted to happen. The game ended with Chatanooga winning 7-5 despite not recording a single basehit.

  • As the great Derick “Chubbs” Peterson once said, “It’s all in the hips.”

Nick’s pick...

  • You ever seen a movie before? Then you’ve probably heard a Wilhelm Scream. For the longest time no one knew where the Scream actually originated from, until recently, when the original ADR-take of the Wilhelm Scream was finally found. You can listen to cinema history right here.