Off Topic Thread - 04/13/2023 - Off Day!

Pinning to the front page and changing the date for today's off day, enjoy! -ES

It has been about (exactly) a month since the last Off-Topic Thread, and now felt like as good as a time as any to put up another! Once a month seems to be an appropriate release schedule. So, as we await the Mariners' start to a series in the great city of Cleveland, instead of punching yourself in the face, why not spend some time chatting here?

If this is your first time seeing an Off-Topic Thread, below you will find several carefully/well thought out prompts from myself that you can add to or ignore completely. Though the latter will make me a bit sad, it is completely your choice. Respond to those, or feel free to make your own prompts! Just be careful talking baseball here. We save that silly on-topic stuff for the main page.

As you respond below, make sure to keep in mind the usual site rules, no politics, no religion, and, of course, be excellent to each other.