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British Baseball with Bat Flips & Nerds - Will Harry Ford Reign Supreme? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Anders Jorstad and Evan James are joined by Bat Flips and Nerds, A British Take on Baseball’s John McGee and Russell Eassom for the Meet At The Mitt episode 5! We talk about the popularity (or lack thereof) of British baseball, the World Baseball Classic, king Harry Ford and the struggle of being an international baseball fan. Our guests take us on a journey through the rise of Team Great Britain and how their success has grown from the ground up, getting homegrown players into major league systems. Lastly we talk the ascending future of British baseball and the surging popularity thanks to the WBC. Be sure to check out Bat Flips & Nerds at Finally, huge thanks to our new sponsor MacDougall Bats! Use the promo code “GOMS” at checkout to support the pod and get a great deal!