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8-8: Chart

A series win!

Colorado Rockies v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Seattle Mariners 1, Colorado Rockies 0

Luis Castillo strikeouts: 9

Hardest hit ball of the game: 106.9mph by Cal Raleigh in the 8th inning

Number of adult men named Justin that played in this game: 2

“Cozy” Nintendo Switch games my roommate downloaded while I watched this game: 4

Win Probability Chart

Doing your taxes as soon as you get all your forms in: Jarred Kelenic, .322 WPA

Doing your taxes two nights before they’re due: Julio Rodríguez, -.228 WPA

During the Game

I’ll be sure to visit him in Worcester and say ‘hello’ for all of us at Lookout Landing.