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Undefeated In Seattle - Can It Get Any Better? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

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Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Anders, Zach Mason and Evan James are here for the Meet At The Mitt episode 2! Opening day is in the books and the Mariners are undefeated. First off, ZAM tells the truths of the Brash pitch heard round the world, with an article on the magic of that at bat coming in the next days. Everyone collectively remains unconcerned about Tommy La Stella while looking very much forward to the impending debut of Cooper Hummel. Evan refers to Hummel as a “switch blade player” instead of “Swiss army knife” in a fever ridden fugue state. Zach draws a compelling comparison between last night and one of George Clooney’s most iconic scenes from ER (Evan cannot remember GREYS ANATOMY). Everyone raves about Julio’s rise this offseason and his continued prominence in the local and national media. Jarred Kelenic gets thumbs up all around for a strong night at the plate, on the base paths and in the outfield. Finally, huge thanks to our new sponsor MacDougall Bats! Use the promo code “GOMS” at checkout to support the pod and get a great deal!