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The Daily Catch: Mar 28, 2023

Lookout Landing Watch Parties are BACK!

Happy Tuesday, readers! Shay Weintraub, here, and yesterday I met my late father’s cousin from Houston and he was wearing an Astros shirt. Guess we can’t be family anymore.

I want to remind everyone that starting today, if you have T-Mobile as your cell carrier, you can get for FREE. This is the first year I’ve been able to take advantage of it and I’m so excited I don’t have to sell my first born child to watch my favorite team this year. Here’s how you can redeem:

Via T-Mobile’s webpage for this year’s promotion, you can redeem the offer starting Tuesday, March 28, through Monday, April 3. You’ll just need to have the T-Mobile Tuesdays app installed on your device, as well as the MLB app.

We’re less than a week away from the end of March Madness! There is one remaining entrant in the Men’s Tourney that still has their National Champion in contention and it’s not the current leader. Hang onto your hat, ThatGroovyThing. Here are our leaders for the Lookout Landing Bracket Challenges:

Men’s Tourney: ThatGroovyThing

Women’s Tourney: Tie between ShipstadPilot11 and StripesJr.

Lookout Landing Watch Parties

Watch Parties are BACK this year! You’ll remember toward the end of last season we began to get together in cities across the country to cheer for our favorite team. This year is a little different in that we’ll be connecting via Discord instead of Email and Slack. There will be a general chat, a game chat, and a channel for each MLB market. From there, it’s up to y’all to decide how to get together.

To join the discord, please fill out this short form here and we will email you as soon as we can with an invite code.

Photos of the Game

With the official start to the season on Thursday, we want to lay out how the Photos of the Game competition will work this year.

Step One

In each morning’s Daily Catch, readers will vote for their favorite photo from the day/night before.

Step Two

Each Tuesday, readers will vote for their favorite photo from the previous week (Monday through Sunday). These photos will be chosen from the winners of each game.

Step Three

At the conclusion of each month (save for March), the Photos of the Week will be gathered for a Photos of the Month vote. This will occur on the second day of the month.

Step Four

At the conclusion of the Regular Season, all Photos of the Month will be put to a vote to vote on the Photo of the Regular Season.

Step Five

I will not mention a Step Five in fear of jinxing anything. But I think you know what this step might be.

Step Six


Now, forgive me for this brief Daily Catch, but my internet is running slower than Tom Brady sprinting for a touchdown and I want to make sure this gets posted today.

Come back tomorrow for more content!