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Picks To Click 2023 - Which Mariners Will Make Some Noise? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

courtesy of the Seattle Mariners

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Anders Jorstad, Zach Mason and Evan James are here for the Meet At The Mitt episode 2! This time it’s “Picks to Click” or dark horses, under the radar guys, whichever colloquial metaphor you prefer. We are looking for the Mariners ready to pop from the major league club on down through the minors. Anders talks “the Vanilla Missile” Walter Ford and College World Series legend Isiah Campbell. Zach digs deep on the new version of Robbie Ray and Evan goes full minors with Jonatan Clase and Tyler Locklear. If you’ve been hungry for some Mariners minors, we have your feast. Who is your pick to click for 2023 (besides Jarred, we all see it)? Let us know in the comments who you think is due to open some eyes this season.