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Mariners 2023 Spring Training: Game 26

An AL West preview featuring seven of 10 possible friends you might expect in Seattle.

Canada v Seattle Mariners Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The Seattle Mariners have just a handful of remaining tilts in the desert before they return to the chillier climes of April in the Pacific Northwest. Tonight they’ll see a team that they’ll see less than they have at any point in their history this year due to divisional alignment, yet it seems all but certain that it’ll feel like they’re playing every day somehow: the Oakland Athletics. The A’s will be running out a distinctly B-team lineup, though for Oakland that is somewhat ironically the baseline. In fact, tonight’s lineup features arguably most of their most interesting players system-wide, including top prospects Tyler Soderstrom, Zack Gelof, and Max Muncy (yes, that name, no, not that one).

In opposition will be the M’s freshly confirmed Opening Day starter, Luis Castillo, and several people he’s probably met and spoken to before tonight as well as a handful of strangers in all likelihood.

Tonight, on Root Sports Plus, MLB.TV, 710 AM, and in Peoria, Arizona, at 6:40 PM.