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Four Horsemen of The AL West - Who is the Mariners Biggest Competition? Meet at the Mitt Podcast

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

John, Kate and Evan are here for the Meet At The Mitt debut episode! With only 8 days to go before opening day the 26 man roster has begun to crystalize. The crew kicks off with the little AL west preview and fond memories of Sports Illustrated now that our new King has risen to his rightful throne (Julio on the cover). Evan makes his case for the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels being a washed rivalry but Kate remains vigilant in a competitive AL West, choosing not to underestimate the competition. Between the Angels and Rangers who do you think poses the bigger threat to the Mariners playoff hopes? Lastly we wrap with Kate giving her finest, most cost conscious and gluten free picks from a smattering of new menu options at T-Mobile Park for the upcoming season. Be sure to let whoever you can know that the Mariners owe us money for both Chaos Ball and Ham Swaggerty, we will accept Titos and sandwich sponsorship as recompense for our deep and invaluable contributions to the lore.