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Mariners 2023 Spring Training: Game #24

I think we’ve officially hit the “oh gosh it’s still Spring Training?” part of the pre-season

Seattle Mariners Photo Day
soon we will have actual game photos of GK!
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Today I was at T-Mobile for the 2023 food preview (pomegranate BBQ pork wings! Scotty’s juices batch cocktails! These are a few of my new favorite things!) and I realized I’m very impatient for the season to just go ahead and start, already. But no, the Mariners are still in Peoria, even as the stadium buzzes in anticipation of their arrival back in Seattle, and we still have more Spring Training games to play, including one against the Dodgers, tonight.

Here’s how the Mariners will line up:

I have to say, as far as a spring training lineup goes, that pretty nice. Even the bottom third has some intrigue; that’s what becoming a fully-fledged member of the Coop Troop, as I did on Monday, will do for you, I guess.

The Dodgers, on the other hand...will not be sending their best and brightest to Peoria Stadium. Which is fine. It’s an away spring training game and Mookie Betts is in a Miami dive bar somewhere commiserating with Mike Trout. Or at least that’s what I like to picture.

Pitching behind Kirby will be (theoretically) Diego Castillo, Gabe Speier, Chris Clarke, and Casey Sadler. If you want to see the smokeshow of Muñoz/Brash you’ll have to wait until tomorrow, and actually oh no because it’s at Goodyear there won’t be any televised broadcast. Sour times! But tonight’s game is being televised, on both ROOT and Sportsnet LA, so you can watch however you please. Game time is at 6:40 PT as we start to see a rash of late-spring night games. The countdown is on...