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Mariners 2023 Spring Training: Games #21 and #22

Hope you can multitask!

MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners Photo Day Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners are playing double baseball for the first time this spring with a 1:05 PT game against the Rangers and a 1:10 PT game against the White Sox.

It’s the White Sox game that will be televised on ROOT, with the 710 AM team headed to Surprise to cover the Rangers. If you want, you could probably mute your TV and listen to the radio call if you want to keep track of both games. That sounds really hard, though.

I would recommend picking your favorite lineup and going from there. Speaking of:

Julio, Jarred, Cal is a very tasty looking 1-2-3, plus Bryce Miller making his first start of the spring. Shame we won’t get to see it. The White Sox squad looks pretty fun too, and Robbie Ray has had a fairly good spring so far with 12 strikeouts in just 8 innings.

Make some guesses on how many times Goldsmith and Blowers will say “meanwhile” during today’s game. I’m guessing at least 6.