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Is It (Bryce) Miller Time? Lookout Landing Podcast

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

John is here, Kate is back from Spring Training and Evan has returned to make a very special announcement: The “Lookout Landing Podcast” will become the “Meet at the Mitt”, a reference to the bronze/brass glove outside of T Mobile park. Lookout Landing has famously been a place for the fans to congregate and we are ecstatic to begin a new chapter of the podcast with a new meet up spot.

This week there is much to discuss! How electric has Harry Ford been in the World Baseball Classic? What’s new about Jarred’s batting stance? Will his spring success carry over into season play? Are the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels a real threat in the American League West? Why is Zach DeLoach getting so much playing time? How are Evan White’s legs holding up? We’ve got all the answers.

If you have any issues finding the podcast in the future, feel free to ping Evan on Twitter!