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Quantitative Analysis With Zach Mason - Should You Bet It All On The Mariners? Lookout Landing Podcast

The Canadian Press

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

John is out, Kate is at Spring Training, but the boys Evan, Anders and Zach are here to look at ZAM’s contentious, deeply scandalous predictions in his very thoughtful piece “40 Mariners and MLB Predictions For 2023”. Anyone can hide behind vagueness and anonymity, but Zach has come with facts, data and serious analysis to stake his reputation on the Mariners. Evan and Anders are here to affirm the faith as the team closes in on opening day with under 3 weeks left to go. How many home runs for Julio? At bats for Evan White? Who leads the Mariners pitching staff in fWAR? The answers might surprise you. Check out Zach’s article and submit your own quantitative predictions with a confidence percentage and stake your claim to true galaxy brain bragging rights.

Check out Zach’s article here