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World Baseball Classic Pool Play Open Game Thread: VEN vs. DR, GB vs. USA, etc.

Here’s a place to chat about all of tonight’s WBC action for Saturday, March 11

Dominican Republic v Atlanta Braves Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The World Baseball Classic is upon us, and there are some games Mariners fans will be interested in airing tonight. The two big ones are:

  • Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela - 4 PM PT, FS1
  • Great Britain vs. USA - 6 PM PT, FOX

Team Mexico vs. Team Colombia is on right now (FOX), featuring Mariners prospect Jose Caballero playing for Mexico. Additionally, the Czech Republic takes on Korea (7 PM, FS1) and Chinese Taipei plays Cuba (8 PM), if you just can’t get enough WBC action.

Obviously, the big draw tonight is DR vs. VEN, with Julio and the stacked DR team taking on Eugenio Suárez and Team Venezuela, but also Team USA! Mike Trout and friends! They might not get too much of a fight out of Great Britain, but it’s a chance to see Harry Ford in action if you weren’t patient enough to watch Modesto games this past season, which, understandable. I might not recognize an un-blurry Harry Ford.

For broadcasting, our own dear Ryan Rowland-Smith is part of this broadcast team, although I’m not sure which games he’ll be on, as is friend of the site Tyler Maun. Both bring a ton of energy to the broadcast and have been doing international baseball broadcasts for years. Also if you’re willing to brave Twitter, check out Clinton Yates’s account (@clintonyates)—he’ll be live-tweeting about the stuff you really care about, like uniforms and the “snatch, grab, or stab?” dialogue.