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Mariners 2023 Spring Training Game #3: Open Game Thread

back in blue

Seattle Mariners Photo Day Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

So the Mariners lost yesterday. That’s lame. But the good news is that it only took them two hours and sixteen minutes to lose! Speedrunning! Oh, and also, they get to play baseball again today! Here’s the starting lineups:

i will end my crusade against the logos not fitting in the boxes. i accept defeat.
Seattle Mariners

So we’ve got the A-team back today for the first away game of the spring. It will be interesting to see how quick this game goes, since on Friday these guys blasted through in just two and a half hours, even while hitting opposing pitching around quite a bit. The guys seem ready to hit, so here’s hoping they put some on the berm.

As for pitching, we’ve got all-time baseball name haver Easton McGee starting us out, with other likely pitchers including Ryder Ryan, Justin Topa, and Gabe Speier. This spring it has seemed like hitters have gotten ahead of pitchers for once, so we’ll see how rusty these guys are.

Since today’s game is not on ROOT, you can listen to it on Seattle Sports 710 AM. There is no TV broadcast because, contrary to popular opinion, it is actually the year 1923, not 2023. Here’s a link to the radio broadcast stream.