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Mariners Moose Tracks, 2/19/23: Teoscar Hernadez, Francisco Lindor, and Mac McClung

It’s Sunday, and if it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Links.

MLB: Wild Card-San Diego Padres at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In Mariners news...

  • Teoscar Hernandez lost his arbitration case yesterday. Hernandez will earn $14 million this season as a result of the arbitrator’s decision, which is $2 million less than his camp proposed. Hernandez will be a free agent at the end of the 2023 season.
  • Is it incredibly easy to overreact to spring training footage? Yes. Am I doing exactly that with this Jarred Kelenic tater? Yes. Will I be accepting criticism for this? No. Also Shoutout 38 Special.

Around the league...

  • The Texas Rangers added some bullpen depth by signing right-hander and former Mariner Dominic Leone to a minor league deal yesterday.
  • New York Mets star shortstop Francisco Lindor, a mere week after being eliminated from the 2022 playoffs, learned the hard way that abdominal pain is not meant to be ignored.
  • Philadelphia Phillies manager Rob Thompson is experiencing Spring Training in an entirely new way for the first time in twenty-five years.
  • Liam Hendriks hasn’t let his cancer treatment change his attitude in the slightest bit according to his teammates.
  • How I Met Your Mother said it best. Nothing good happens after 2:00 am.
  • My second playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 lasted longer than the “Jackson Frazier” era.
  • I... sure. Whatever.

Nick’s pick...

  • The 2023 NBA Dunk Contest was last night, and 76ers shooting guard Mac McClung, whose entire NBA career to this point spans roughly 25 minutes of game time, stole the entire show with 4 dunks.
  1. Jumping over a Vincent Adultman into a tap off the glass two-handed overhead smash (50)
  2. 360 2 handed smash (49.8)
  3. Jumping over a man into a double-clutch backwards 2 handed smash (50)
  4. Showing off the handles into a 540 backwards 2 handed smash (50) straight into recreating the famous Vince Carter celly.

Unreal performance.