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PECOTA Pessimism - How Will The Mariners Beat The Projections? Lookout Landing Podcast


Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Kate, Evan and John are here to bask in the early glow of spring training. Pitchers, catchers, coaches, Jerry, the gang is all out in Peoria warming up for the much anticipated sequel to the highly rated, award winning 2022 season. First Kate expresses her concerns over the fate of many in The Last Of Us, but she will find no solace nor reprieve in the fates of those entwined. Once the Mariners eventually come up, topics from twitter like Evan White, mystery pitches and some striking style from Tom Murphy make the cut. The whole gang wonders about the PECOTA projections for the Mariners and wonder if it could be underestimating a young team. Do you agree with the PECOTA projections or do you believe in the Mariners? There is much due fawning over Julio’s new commercials for Topps baseball cards with great anticipation for his even more awesome star power yet to come. How will Julio improve in 2023? Everyone has a different but equally exciting answer. Lastly, Kate confirms she is not hard and would not last long in a zombie apocalypse.

Next week will be the final episode of the Lookout Landing Podcast and the following week we will be continuing under a new name. Let us know if you have any name suggestions here in the comments or tweet us.