Off-Topic 12/18 - Year-End Edition

Hey y'all, btownfritz sort of took these over for a while but he hasn't posted one in a couple months so I'm doing the honors this time around.

While we wait for the Mariners to do something relevant, the conversation in the Moose Tracks threads has gotten plenty off-topic already (what's your opinion on Asteroid City?), but in order to keep threads going for more than one day, let's have an off-topic thread!

It's the end of the year, which is a time when fans of music, movies, video games, and more reflect on the releases that have come out this year and argue passionately about why the one the liked the most is actually the greatest, a silly venture in the world of art, but one we all engage in anyway. Ribbing aside, I myself found one of my favorite albums of all time, Car Seat Headrest's Twin Fantasy, because of its presence on multiple Album of the Year lists, so it's also a great time to swap recommendations.

Elsewhere, you may be preparing for festivities, or at least figuring out things to do while the office is closed and the kids are home from school.

Let's chat about all of it below!