Bring our sweet banger 'Bach

There's the banger who pitches

a banger with stiches,

and bangers whose swings

have leg kicks and hitches.

There's a banger who sings

and one with two rings,

and bangers who wear

the most fabulous things.

There are bangers who mash

if you have the right cash.

Just ask Kevin Cash--

the Rays have a stash.

Some bangers use mitts

while others just hit.

For most of the game

they have a nice sit.

We've had bangers with anger

and bangers with brains

but we've let them all go

for a banger who bangs.

Who's this banger, you ask.

Is he up to the task?

Does he hit lots of dingers

when he takes off his mask?

Does he thrive where it's polar

or shine where it's solar?

Does he win MVPs

between walks with a stroller?

No, he doesn't attack

the zone with a whack

but he looks like Chris Farley--

Vogelbach, please come back.