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A Load of Pollock - Is AJ the Final Piece of a Playoff Run?: Lookout Landing Podcast

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The whole crew Kate, John and Evan are back in a new year with a new flow to dig into an all new, fully decked out Mariners squad. First up, newest Mariner AJ Pollock gets an extended break down, as we look back at Zach Mason’s article on his very specific platoon splits and what it could all mean for Jarred’s playing time. Next Kate looks at Justin Topa: 2023 bullpen man of mystery. With only 18 major league innings in three years is he a wild card/dark horse to break out in the bullpen? Finally the whole crew asks the question: is this it for the Mariners? If not, who is still out there? John throws out a few names of outfielders available via trade who could raise the floor. Lastly we look forward to a new season with spring training on the horizon. What are you most looking forward to seeing when the team comes back for camp? How do you feel the Mariners have kept up with the Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers and Houston Astros? Will you feel robbed if anyone besides Julio is on the cover of the show?