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77-61: Chart

Mariners drop the “winnable” first game of this series, 6-4, to Atlanta

Atlanta Braves v Seattle Mariners
pointing at the two directions the teams went in this game
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Atlanta 6, Mariners 4

No chart art for yucky losses.

Home-brewed sweet tea, biscuits made with White Lily flour, and fresh fried chicken: Carlos Santana, .240 WPA

Arizona iced tea, Popeye’s biscuits, and KFC: Robbie Ray, -.273 WPA; Ty France, -.154 WPA

Game thread comment of the day:

Many times, we enjoy the Apple TV broadcasts (other than the invented probability “advanced stats” they post, with precious little justification as to where that data comes from). Tonight...tonight was not one of those nights.

Although we did appreciate Katie Nolan’s Space Ghost Coast to Coast shoutout, even if none of her fellow announcing crew did.

OTD in Ichiro, 2007:

Scores four runs, including his 100th on the year, something he’d do in each of his first eight seasons in MLB. It was also a rare example of the Mariners offense picking up Félix Hernández, who earned the win despite giving up six earned runs. This spurs the Mariners to just their second win in 15 games. The win keeps the playoff hopes alive for a Mariners club that would finish second in the AL West that year. “We’re not dead yet” said Willie Bloomquist, unwittingly quoting a movie he almost certainly has never seen.