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9/9/22: ATL at SEA Open Game Thread

ATLiens invade T-Mobile Park

1992 Major League Baseba All Star Game
1992 was the last time the Mariners and Braves had this much combined starpower on a field

After falling victim to a series loss against the White Sox caused by a combination of Cleveland’s frankly obnoxious weather and a rejuvenated White Sox freed from the clutches of the human “get off my lawn” sign, oversoaked rum raisin Tony La Russa, the Mariners face one final difficult series against the defending champs before being released into the wilds of sub-.500 teams for the remainder of the season. This shapes up to be a very difficult matchup for the Mariners, as Atlanta can match them in pitching and outstrip them offensively, and the Braves have been on a scorching-hot tear lately, nipping at the heels of the Mets in their division despite the Mets’ own dominance. Whew. But things can get funky in these interleague matchups, especially with a team like Atlanta, which shares no common affiliate leagues or spring training venues with Seattle. If the Padres series is the Vedder Cup, maybe call this one the Catie Griggs Cup.

Woof, that Atlanta lineup. And not in a “woof” like “today’s Oakland lineup” but “woof” like “there are, in fact, dogs in there.” I’m going to need someone to explain to me immediately how a 32-year-old Travis d’Arnaud has a 120 wRC+ in this offensive environment. Whatever they’re doing with developing hitters in Atlanta, can we get some of that here? This lineup is littered with young, productive hitters, and also, Robbie Grossman. Robbie Ray will definitely have his hands full tonight; hopefully, the Mariners hitters can take advantage of an uneven Charlie Morton, because this game might be their best chance to win this series.

Speaking of tonight’s game, it’s on Apple TV, so too bad so sad if you were looking forward to seeing it with friends at your local watering hole tonight. It is still free to watch, though, just make sure to block in the extra time to help your older relatives figure out how to bring it up. Game time is 6:40 PT.