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Lookout Landing Podcast 200: Two Hundredth Episode Special with Matthew Roberson

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The crew John Trupin, Kate Preusser and Evan James are joined by prodigal son and Lookout Landing alumni Matthew Roberson to talk all things Mariners on this joyous 200th episode celebration. Matthew extols the virtues of properly numbering your players as the Yankees approach a digit drought. We dig into twitter questions for Matthew on Edwin Diaz and the much heralded Summer of Mark Canha. The crew looks at the performance of the Mariners and Jerry Dipoto and try to sort out what is luck and what is legitimate foundation. We wrap with a look ahead at who the Mariners might face in the playoffs and our preferred matchups to bring victory to Seattle (Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins or Cleveland Indians).


Recommended Listening: Because ya boi is editing a Mormon reality show, this weeks recommended listening is 2003 Christian alt pop crossover hit “More To Life” by Stacie Orrico, and yes it is a banger, and also yes, it is indeed vague enough that it could be construed as almost anything just based on the lyrics.