In Memoriam

Hello. How are you? I am well.

So, I saw an outside chance that this might very well be The Last Fanpost Of The Dark Era, or The Final Fanpost of The Before Times, or similar, and decided to leap on it. I will be extremely cross if someone else posts another Fanpost to bump that. Unless you are Jeff. Or Matthew. Or Dave. Or Derek. Or Marc. Or Corco. Or Goose. Or Capsea...

....aaaaa no stop stop stop. It would be very in character for me to make this some rambling retrospective of all the various seasons over the years on Lookout Landing (and USS Mariner, and Dome and Bedlam, and in King's Court, and in the Maple Grove, and and and). But uh, this little inflection point in Mariners history probably deserves something a bit better, since rehashing 'how it used to be' is, itself, as always, how it used to be.

21 years is a long time (says the fella who just turned 50 a month ago). Over the course of 21 years, lots of people come and go in a person's life.

Please consider this dumb little fanpost a space set aside for y'all to recognize and pour one out in the comments, for anyone you knew and loved who, goddammit, should have been here to see this.