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Where the Wild things are: Nine games to go

Basically scoreboard-watching threads 2.0

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Please, sir, may I have a crumb of offense?
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

In these nine final games of the regular season, we know the desire to talk about Mariners baseball is at its peak, so we wanted to create a ready space for that to happen. Something a skosh beyond the traditional scoreboard watching threads, but functionally the same (and something our Vox overLLords will recognize as Content). So here’s a recap, a status check, a look ahead and something to hopefully make you smile. Have at it!

Where things stand:

The good: The Orioles lost

The bad: The Mariners lost (and poorly!)

The magic number is five now

What’s on tap today:

Mariners play game two of their series against the Rangers at 6:40 pm PT

Orioles take on the Red Sox at 4:10 pm PT

Blue Jays and Yankees battle it out at 4:07 pm PT (a real sociopath time for sociopath teams)

Elsewhere in baseball, the Cardinals clinched the NL Central and the Yankees clinched the AL East. This photo should be in black and white, and directly next to the dictionary entry for “decrepit.” Respectfully.

A kernel of goodness to soothe ragged nerves:

An enormous Bernedoodle puppy wearing a hat, sitting on a sofa.

Jarred Kelenic Smile Watch: