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83-70: Chart

Mariners bats sleepy and sad in bad loss to Rangers

MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners
thousand yard glare
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 5, Mariners 0

Number of pitches thrown by Robbie Ray in the sixth inning while only recording two outs: 33

Number of base runners left stranded by the Mariners: 9

A functional, consistent strike zone: Penn Murfee, .073 WPA; Ty France, .054 WPA

Whatever the heck AAA callup ump Adam Beck was calling: Jarred Kelenic, -.169 WPA

It feels mean to single out Kelenic, who had some good at-bats tonight, so let’s share it instead across every member of the lineup not named France or Haniger, all of whom had a negative WPA.

Game thread comment of the day (it’s a twofer):

On this day in Ichiro, 2006: Sets franchise record with 49th career triple, passing Harold Reynolds. He’d go on to hit 30 more and remains the Mariners’ franchise leader for triples with 79. (Harold Reynolds remains in second place).

Also, bonus OTD in Ichiro because we didn’t have a game yesterday and it feels appropriate for this game: September 26, 2009: Ichiro’s lone career ejection.