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Lookout Landing Podcast 203: Lean, Northwest Green & Straight Poured Into These Jeans

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Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The crew Kate Preusser Evan James and Nick Tucker are here to dig into the Mariners as they enter the most critical homestretch of games in a decade of baseball. Is Luis Castillo good to go for the playoffs? The crew breaks down his up and down performance across his first few months with the Mariners as tries to assess his immediate future, while acknowledging how important he is to the future. Will Jarred get Jesse Winkers playoff roster spot? Will the rotation find their groove in time to save the season? Who is or isn’t hurt? The crew has all the answers you crave on an off day. With upcoming series against the Texas Rangers, the Oakland Athletics and the Detroit Tigers to close out the season, the Mariners find themselves short on time to heat up.