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83-68: Chart

“J.P.” chants in KC

Cal Raleigh celebrates with Jesse Winker Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Albert Pujols 2022 wRC+: 143

Albert Pujols highest wRC+ in any of his 10 seasons in Anaheim: 133

Game Thread Comment of the Day: “OH SNAP WE’RE PAST THE 1 RUN MARK WE HAVE A SHOT AT THIS” - ThundaPC

The watch party Tom Glasgow kept hyping: Adam Frazier, -.396 WPA

The Lookout Landing watch party at Growler Guys: Cal Raleigh, +.528 WPA

OTD Ichiro, 2002: Another of his 200th hits in a season, this time it comes off of Mariner nemesis Jarrod Washburn.

On last Sunday in Ichiro, 2009: I also have to issue a mea culpa here. I had Sunday’s game chart but misread our OTD Ichiro spreadsheet and accidentally put Monday’s in the chart. No big deal really except that it meant omitting one of the most iconic Ichiro moments. So: on 9/18/2009, Ichiro hit a walkoff home run off Mariano Rivera. This game would have been notable anyway for being the only game ever to feature six of the top 11 Mariners by bWAR (Griffey, Ichiro, Felix, A-Rod, Cano, & Beltre).