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9/20/22: SEA at OAK Open Game Thread

Comin’ out of The Big A, and we’re doing just fine

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels
he’s Mr. Brightside
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing series loss at the hellish Angels Stadium—don’t ask me what the A in the Big A stands for—the Mariners puddle-jump up the coast to the Coliseum, which despite its various problems, might be a cool respite after the scorched earth of the Big A.

Adding to that respite?

[whispering softly]


[so so softly]


[so softly it is quieter than moonlight flickering over the sea]


I gotta be quiet; I don’t want to mentally hug Julio so hard with my mind his back seizes up again. But Julioooooooo! For now. We will let you know if there’s another last-minute scratch. And Luis Castillo on the mound! And—oh, and still Curt Casali, huh? That part is kind of a bummer. Take my thumb, Cal!

Old friend JP Sears, who was taught to eschew luxuries like periods in his first name at The Citadel I guess, takes the mound for Oakland, so Seattle is running out their right-hand-heaviest lineup, meaning another off-day for Jesse Winker. Also, I’m not going to lie to you, I straight up do not know who three of Oakland’s starters are, and Vimael Machin/Nick Allen only raise the faintest flicker of having seen them as members of the Las Vegas Aviators/Stockton Ports, respectively. Please win this game, Mariners.

Game information:

Tonight’s contest starts at 6:40, because we love wacky start times, and can be found in all the old familiar places (710 Seattle Sports on the radio, ROOT Sports NW on TV, fuboTV streaming, MLB TV for you out-of-area folks).