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81-66: Chart

Mariners test fans’ patience, spirit with sleepy 4-1 loss to Oakland

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland “Athletics” 4, Mariners 1

Pitches thrown by Oakland Athletics pitching staff: 139, including 40+ in the first two innings by starter JP Sears

Walks taken by Mariners hitters: 5

Hits recorded by Mariners off Oakland Athletics pitching staff: 1

Strikeouts of Mariners hitters by Oakland Athletics pitching staff: 11

Total runs produced by Mariners offense: 1, on a bases-loaded walk

Tuesday Nights against any other team: Sam Haggerty, by dint of drawing the lone run for the Mariners on a bases-loaded walk, .079

Tuesday Nights Against the A’s: Luis Castillo, -.300; Abraham Toro (3K, 2 LOB)

Game thread comment of the day:

My sentiments exactly, Rocket. Which the Mariners could have used a few more of because they lost this game and got one-hit.

OTD in Ichiro, 1994: Becomes first player in NPB history with 200 hits in a season. The record would stand until 2010, when it was broken by former MLB player Matt Murton, although it’s worth noting that after the league schedule expanded, Murton had 14 extra games in his record-breaking season, a record that still stands today. To put these numbers in context, Munetaka Murakami, the ascendant young star of the NPB, has as of this writing played as many games as Ichiro did in 1994, 130, and recorded 149 hits.