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74-58: Chart

six to one in the 216

Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Mariners 6, Guardians 1

Feet of beef: 790

M’s run differential this week: 24

Game Thread Comments of the Day:

  • “M’s so hot the Cuyahoga might catch on fire again” - Yak Wish
  • “Just strike out already you ass” - sedah, on Tyler Freeman specifically but really any Guardian

Rock and Roll: Luis Castillo, +.256 WPA

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (yeah, I said it): Eugenio Suárez, -.074 WPA

OTD Ichiro, 2001: Ichiro has a hit, two stolen bases and an outfield assist, throwing out Jeff Conine at home in a 1-0 win over Baltimore