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09/18/2022: Open Game Thread


“Charlie’s Angels 2 - Full Throttle” Premiere - Red Carpet
The only Los Angeles Angels I acknowledge
Photo by L. Cohen/WireImage

Seattle lost the first two games of the series by a combined two runs, and we’ve all learned that being on the other side of one-run games isn’t nearly as much fun. Also not nearly as much fun? Mariners games without Julio, who’s out for the second straight day with back spasms. He tweaked it in the cage before the game yesterday. Word is that he wants an extra day or two just to be sure he doesn’t miss more time than that.

Some more good news: Mitch is back!

First pitch: 1:07 PT

TV: ROOT Sports and for out-of-market folks (Sims and Blow)

Radio: 770 (Rizzs and Gary) (the Legion of Gloom got dibs on 710)