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9/16/22: SEA at LAA Open Game Thread

The Mariners open a weirdly-long four-game series against Anaheim

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Tampa Bay Rays
penny for your thoughts, Mike
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Wasn’t that off-day so so so long? Well, good news for you, the Mariners are back at it tonight, opening up a weird four-game set with the Angels that starts today and runs through Monday (?). Here’s how things line up for Game 1:

That’s right, it’s three Michaels and two Matts tonight for the Angels, who seem fixed on doing their best Oakland A’s impression. If you need a refresher course on who any of those people are, remember you can check out the series preview here.

Unfortunately, the Mariners will, uh, not be sending their A squad out to back up Robbie Ray. I am consternated that Cal Raleigh, who seems adept at handling Ray, won’t be catching him this time out, but he apparently has a jammed thumb and won’t be back until tomorrow. Rounding out the bottom of the lineup, Jake Lamb will start over Mitch Haniger, still dealing with an achy back but potentially available off the bench tonight, which does have the benefit of getting another lefty bat into the lineup. This would be a really good time for Jesse Winker to remember how to punish some baseballs, although it’s pretty telling that as a lefty, he’s still batting sixth. Yikes. Dylan Moore should be back with the team soon; it sounds like he’ll do a brief rehab stint with the Rainiers to get him up to speed, but he might make it into a game this series.

In killing time trying to track down today’s lineups, I came across this list of September giveaways for the Angels, and I had to double-check to make sure it wasn’t the work of merry Mariners Twitter prankster @zachleft.

How to get fans who are upset about the squandering of two generational talents for another season, an epic collapse in the standings after showing early playoff hopes, and an impending sale of the team back into the Big A? Well clearly, you offer them [squints] a soft child safety helmet? Perhaps World’s Whitest Cowboy Hat. Or what about the see-through tote, perfect for bringing to the stadium, on the third-to-last home game of the year? That one is just cruel. Anyway, tonight is Mike Trout bobblehead night, which means he’s probably going to hit five homers, so prepare accordingly. Also, though, I get it’s advertising the City Connect jerseys which are supposed to be * beachy *, but Mike Trout on a surfboard? Nonsensical. Oh, we can just put any baseball player on random forms of recreational transport? Fine. Aaron Judge on a stand-up paddleboard. Diego Castillo on roller blades. Joey Votto on heelie sneakers. Jose Altuve on a penny-farthing. Makes just as much sense.

Tonight’s game starts at 6:38 PT, because the Angels do be annoying with their start times, and you can find the game on ROOT Sports NW (TV) or 710 Seattle Sports (radio) if you’re out and about. If you’re the streaming type, you can find the game on fuboTV (in-area) or MLB TV for you folks outside the Mariners’ powerful teal reach. And as a reminder, tomorrow is our LL event at Growler Guys, so we would love to see you out even if for a bit! Remember though the Angels are annoying with their start times, so tomorrow’s game starts a shade earlier, at 6:07 PT. Why is it 6:07 when today’s is 6:38? Why does Manfred allow this? It annoys me way more than any kind of bizarre defensive positioning. Have standard game times!