Restarting A Thing

Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports

Nyjer Morgan

some of you don't know what this is, and that's a bummer.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness."

- Oscar Wilde

So, technically that's true.

But realistically, this is me wanting to get some people messing around with terrible ideas after a fun as hell game while I'm busy with other stuff. But how to draw mass attention to something dumb on an off day, you ask?

Simple! Wait for the team to be worth a crap, and plagiarize expand on an old personal favorite article template from a bygone era for all the newer people to experience, now with added helpful bits and way more free programs and faster CPUs than you can shake a stick at. Also, don't shake sticks at your computer. Dog? Maybe. People? Deservedly so. Shark? Absolutely, but report back to me immediately because I need to know how it goes for reasons. You'll be helping a greater cause and that reward is better than anything else you could possibly ask for. I'll just need you to sign a few documents first, waivers mostly but all very standard except for the shark parts, but also a full non-disclosure agr--

..Know what? That doesn't matter right now. Soon, but not now. We're at now now. And now is time for you, the reader and future shark fetch tester, to put your creativity, excitement, and terrible computer skills to work!

[Re]Introducing: The Completely Unofficial LL Photoshop Challenge

(That I Didn't Get Clearance For)



  • I provide links to two (2) images of my choosing that I've been gathering throughout the season.
  • You will use those images as the basis of your own (preferably horrible) photo/gif edit for nothing of actual value except internet points and ONE POSSIBLE REC FROM ME. Other recs pending.
  • You are not obligated to use both images in whatever you make. Just pick your favorite and roll with that one. Or least favorite. If you pick the one you hate the most but make something cool, I'll give you bonus points. Promise.


  • I am also providing an edited, transparent .PNG version of the subject(s) in source images (you need not use these in your edits, they are simply to help people unfamiliar with photo editing to get a little head start on their madness). Simply save this image to your computer and load/open it from the software of your choosing to use it as it's own layer, and do whatever you want after that.
  • Also, I will provide links to the free and good photo editing software called GIMP (anagrams aren't their strength) that you can download if you currently don't have editing means and really want to dig into this endless loop of suffering known as "image modification hell" without offering your soul to Adobe or others. Oh, and have fun I guess. *eye twitches*



This image is from the incredible Lindsey Wasson (@lindseywasson on twitter). One of the best out there, period. The original post is here.

Transparent Version



Walk Off Moment 2

The original image used here is from an unknown hero because I spent 3 hours trying to find the actual photographer of this exact frame and couldn't find it. Anywhere. Several very close, but not *this* one. The original post is here.

Transparent Version



GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program - Free Editing Software, Open Source, Windows/Mac/Linux friendly.

GIMP Tutorials - Brief tips/tricks for doing stuff.

Adobe Photoshop Tips - One Easy Trick for using Adobe Photoshop nowadays.


  1. Why?
  2. ...?

And that's it. Good luck to you all.

Get creative. Get weird. Please don't make anything too dark or mature, we're just trying to have fun and distract ourselves from, well, *gestures at everything non-Mariners*. This isn't intended to be an attempt to duplicate what the original now-defunct thread was all those years ago - simply a way to inspire the current denizens of LL to unlock their latent powers before things get potentially crazy with this team. I've had several ideas and permutations of this for the last few years, but, stuff, so am now most curious about what weird things some of you may come up with while high on playoff hopes and that lingering feeling of dread realizing there still is no floor. May we all survive the final weeks ahead.

Go to town.