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Seattle Mariners Social Media Spotlight: G7 Wine, Winker’s Little Bills Mafia, and Sue Bird

The one where we cry bidding farewell to Sue.

Yankees v Mariners X Bird

In Lookout Landing Land...

  • Here are some of our best tweets of ‘da week
  • With him being the AL leader in CS you’d think players would stop on running on Cal, but they do naht

In Mariners Land...

  • If you don’t know Sarah Langs by now, you definitely should. Other than being the Number 1 of numbers, she often tweets little things like this that are the ultimate joy
  • Jesse Winker was all too excited to celebrate the beginning start of the NFL season with another little member of Bills Mafia


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  • This week Marco and Monica Gonzales launched a limited edition wine created in honor of Monica’s late mother, Linda Zender, who passed away last year from multiple systems atrophy.
  • This event was no small occasion — the introduction of the G7 Wine was met with attention from the media and a whole lot of support from Marco’s teammates.
  • With Atlanta in town, Dave Sims was able to catch up with a couple of friends — 1st and 3rd base coaches Eric Young Sr. and Ron Washington who are MLB’s only African-American duo working those corners.
  • New sponsorship alert! Adam Frazier is now posing with Celsius drinks which is less sexy than Dylan Moore’s Manscaped sponsorship, but in my opinion is tastier.
  • Did you make the cut in TMobile Park’s latest Reel?

In Baseball Land...

  • Literal hats off to this fan
  • He’s just saying hi to some friends, no biggie.
  • How cool is it that we can track every little part of a pitch now?

In Shay Land...

  • As a young girl who grew up playing point guard in the Seattle area, I idolized the hell out of Sue Bird. Truly the GOAT of Seattle professional athletes. Thank you, Sue.
  • Here are some retro Sue photos to send you off with: